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Your Partner in Municipal Mass Appraisal
Associated Appraisal was founded in April of 1959, focusing on providing property tax assessment services to Wisconsin municipalities. Our corporate office is located in Appleton, Wisconsin, with branch offices in Lake Geneva and Hurley. We feel we are able to provide our clients with the local services they deserve and expect.

At Associated Appraisal we value service and quality. We provide the best mass-appraisal services backed by solid modeling and appraisal methodology. We maintain the highest standard of quality for the mass-appraisal market utilizing Market Drive and Micro Solve computer systems. We are a fully computerized, networked environment.

At Associated we feel privileged to have appraised some of Wisconsin's most exclusive lake front property as well as municipalities that have experienced depreciating market conditions. We also have experience appraising ski resorts, golf courses, subdivisions, and dog tracks as well as municipal building inspection valuations. This diversity is the foundation that gives Associated the edge in valuing all classes of real estate.

Associated Appraisal has a full time staff of highly trained technicians who are friendly and knowledgeable. They are able to field calls from property owners, municipalities, realtors and financial institutions. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. to answer any of your questions. All members of the Associated Team are certified by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Project Managers are Level II Assessors, and Field Appraisers are certified Technicians and Level I Assessors. Our support staff is Technician certified.

We maintain a library of informational assessment materials that are made available to property owners. Clients are informed of the progression of the assessment work, which can be used in newsletters and newspaper articles. For revaluation programs we have knowledgeable speakers who are available to attend organizational and municipal meetings.

Precise assessment documentation is what sets Associated above the rest. For property owners demanding answers to assessment methodology, we document all aspects of the revaluation project. The property record card includes land data, improvement data, sales data, improvement pictures, appropriate appraisal reports, property maps and any other documentation needed to defend values. A revaluation assessment guide is published for each individual client and is frequently used by the Board of Review to aid in understanding assessment methodology. Included are complete reports for assessment levels, sales information and pictures of sale properties, all database statistics for valuation tables, and a detailed sales analysis as well as other reports needed to support values.

With over 55 years of experience, our goals are very clear. We are in the assessment business full time, providing our clients with professional and reliable service. We are proud to serve communities throughout Wisconsin, and we will continue to provide the best mass appraisal services available.

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